I Am Officially a Credit Card Affiliate (sort of)

This is my attempt at being as completely straightforward and honest as I can about this subject.

Travel Summary will now contain some credit card affiliate links going forward. I say some because the only affiliate links I currently have are from Discover, but I might get approved for others in the future.

First off, I want to remind everyone that I’ve written about affiliate links a couple of times before. I’ve been somewhat critical towards some blogs I feel “push” cards and I’ve praised the ones that I appreciate for just making a simple mention of them. I plan to be like the latter group.

I never really thought I’d make money from this website. I started it for fun using my boring, old wordpress.com website and recently upgraded to this one. I’ve put in a little money and a lot of time so far and haven’t made a penny yet, but I have helped a lot of friends and family with their travels. I have a full-time corporate job and I don’t envision a world where I do not have one, so I’m not attempting to become a full-time blogger (though it does sound nice!).

What I’m trying to say is this: thankfully I do not have to depend on this website to make a living, and because of that I don’t think my content will change if I do ever get approved for other affiliate links. And beyond that, I’m more than aware of how InACents, CrankyFlierMrMoneyMustache, and Frequent Flyer University lost their affiliate links, and I likely don’t have the readership they have. We’ll see how things go.

With that being said, I want to explain how I plan to utilize the links going forward.


If I make a post that contains an affiliate link, I will add the disclaimer at the top of the post instead of the bottom. Further, I will include the affiliate link for a particular card only once instead of every time I use the name of the card. If I mention a couple of cards, I might include links for each of them, but only once each.

While I may make posts to describe certain cards, I will not make posts that are just lists of cards. I won’t do a “Top 10 Airline Cards” or “Top 10 Hotel Cards” or “My favorite 10 Cards” or anything of that nature. I haven’t before and I don’t plan on it.

The disclaimer I plan to use (subject to change): I may have financial relationships with some of the cards mentioned in this post. I appreciate your support if you decide to use my links!


You’ll notice I’ve created a new tab called “Credit Cards.” This tab will eventually contain several lists of cards: 1) What I consider to be the current best deals; 2) Other travel cards that might be worth your consideration; 3) Cash back cards. Nearly all the links currently on the page are the public offer links (i.e. non-affiliate links) since I’m not approved for many yet.

Again, I will have a disclaimer at the top of the page and separate ones at the bottom. If you want a card that isn’t listed and feel compelled to use my link, feel free to ask me by commenting on a post or through the Contact Me page and I’d be more than happy to send it to you.



If you find a better offer for a card that I have listed, please let me know and I will immediately update the link to the better offer. I’m not going to trick anyone into signing up for the US Airways card using the official link when the unofficial one is better and works just fine. Besides, Travel Blogger Buzz is the new watchdog that will keep me in check.


At this point you’ve either decided to stop reading my blog completely or don’t care about the change at all. I, of course, hope to maintain and grow my readership, and I fully recognize the only way to do that is to provide useful content. I hope to continue writing about interesting topics and providing information that helps people in the points community, and I’m always open to suggestions for new content. I also hope to write more about how to manage credit scores and how mine has changed over the months.

Does that sound fair? Feel free to ask me questions or make comments, and I’ll try to respond as honestly as I possibly can.



  1. If only other bloggers were as transparent as you…

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