My Experience Getting the Wells Fargo 5x Visa at the Bank

It has 5x drugstores!

I've noticed a trend recently that some people are starting to become more interested in cash back cards than points and miles. This prompted me to write a post a few weeks ago on your current options … [Read more...]

Points, Miles, and Credit Cards: A Primer for True Beginners


I've been talking to a lot more friends and coworkers lately about my whole points/miles/travel obsession, and it's always a topic that others find fascinating. After all, who doesn't want to get more … [Read more...]

Apparently it’s Easy to Manipulate Your Credit Score

CC Fraud

I read an interesting article today that explained how a couple of dozen people were charged with credit card fraud after paying themselves about $200 Million. That itself isn't too interesting, but … [Read more...]