Why you should teach English abroad

David King is a young adventurer seeking to make the most of his dollars abroad.  After completing his degree in Economics, he worked for a consulting company for just a year and a half before the travel bug enticed him to leave.  After teaching English for a year in South Korea he is traveling and documenting his experiences as a free lance writer.  He is currently backpacking through South America, studying Spanish, and indulging in the local cuisines for a fraction of the normal cost.  David … [Read More...]

Travel Summary

I Quit My Job Today!

I’ve been very fortunate to hold a good job since I graduated from college almost 5 years ago. I worked in the Consulting industry doing Finance-related work, and while I can’t say it was “fun,” I can say that I learned a ton and made a lot of friends while I was there. Today was my […]

AA and US

American Airlines and US Airways Devalue Without Notice

In my opinion, the dirtiest trick a loyalty program has is to raise the cost of awards without giving customers any notice. I can’t think of a worse way to treat your customers, particularly the ones that fly you the most, than to not give them a warning about changes to their rewards program. This […]

Not what I was hoping to see!

My Recent Difficulties With SPG

I love the Starwood Preferred Guest Program. I’ve been a Platinum for the last few years and have always been treated well as a top-tier elite. Their points are the most valuable points currency that exists (in my opinion at least) and their customer service is generally top notch. With that being said, I’ve had […]


The Career Path Less Traveled

I’m proud to announce that this blog will feature a new, regular contributor. David King was a colleague and remains a friend, and there were many days where I envied him for his bravery to leave work to pursue a more meaningful life full of travel. David will bring a new perspective on travel, one […]

2.2% back is a solid return!

Make Money Using Credit Cards

Many people focus on getting frequent flyer/hotel points for their spending, and there’s definitely a ton of value there for travelers. With the introduction of manufactured spending, however, there are opportunities to not only create points for cheap, but also make large amounts of money. I’ll discuss some of the top options for that in this post. […]

"The Memo"

Vanilla Reload “Cash Only” Policy Seems Regional Right Now

Is the Vanilla Reload/Bluebird method dead? I’ve received several text messages and emails from friends and several more messages on Twitter about “the memo” that CVS stores received this past week. That memo tells stores that nearly all reload cards and cash-like prepaid cards would be hard coded by the registers to only accept cash […]

Hotel Tonight

New: Get $56 Free from the Hotel Tonight App [EXPIRED]

I previously wrote about how to get $50 for free from the Hotel Tonight App. Now there’s an opportunity to do even better. Hurry, because the last one expired very quickly. There’s currently a new user promotion that allows you to get $56 for free at sign up. And by new user I mean new […]

Let's all hope for the NEW Lufthansa Business Class!

Guest Post: 10 Lessons Learned While (trying to) Redeem 1,000,000 Points & Miles

Robert Dwyer is a deal hound who spends hours each day thinking about points, and how to use them for awesome family vacations. He writes about wine at The Wellesley Wine Press. You can follow Robert on Twitter: @RobertDwyer Related Reading: Lessons Learned While Earning 1,000,000+ Points & Miles Compared to signing up for credit cards for lucrative […]

Oh how wonderful it is to see this when you return home from a trip!

Get Up To 150K Membership Rewards Points for the Business Amex Platinum Card

Devaluations have hit hotel and airline loyalty programs pretty hard the last couple of years. That means redemption levels have increased significantly for some programs, particularly Hilton and United, but also with Southwest, Hyatt, Club Carlson, and Delta in recent months. This is a fact of life for loyalty programs and should be expected by […]

Hotel Tonight

Get $50 Free from the Hotel Tonight App [EXPIRED]

  UPDATE: This deal has expired. Hotel Tonight is a pretty cool app. It shows you discounted room rates for last minute hotel bookings at rates that are usually pretty cheap compared to normal prices. The number of cities are somewhat limited, but they do have a global presence. The app is very well built […]